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At QCB we aim to support students on their journey towards the Quantum Computing frontier. We're an undergraduate run club bridging the gap between students, the quantum industry, and academia. We are focused on enriching and engaging the UC Berkeley community by connect students with guest speakers, social events, research projects, panel discussions, lab tours, company visits, and we run an introductory DeCal or discusssion most semesters. Our group provides research opportunities and educational materials to foster a more advanced, and widely accesssible quantum computing network among our peers and beyond.


Membership is reserved for Berkeley students of all grade levels, majors, and colleges. However, if you are not a Cal student we still encourage you to participate! Get involved by contributing to our Educational branch. Submit a tutorial, article, or other home-made resource to support our efforts of building a quantum computing educational center.

As a community within UC Berkeley, we are dedicated to helping all students regardless of background or identity. As such, we recognize that there are marginalized minorities amongst the STEM population. We would like to provide opportunities and help students from underrepresented groups get a footing in Quantum. If this is you, please reach out! We're happy to support you wherever we can.


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I am a 3rd year undergraduate student in Physics and CS. My past with quantum computing predates my first year at Berkeley. Personally, I’m a physicist by heart and a strong believer of the Bousso-Susskind Multiverse Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or email!
Andris Huang
Physics & CS
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Hi, I'm a second year physics and CS undergrad who loves both the hardware and theory aspect of quantum computing, currently doing research on superconducting qubits. I was part of QCB's student-led research group focusing on quantum simulation. In my free time, I enjoy going on long walks and bouldering. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn or email, or you can usually find me in the physics building!
Jenny Chen
Physics & CS
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Hey guys, my name is Samyak, I'm a 3rd-year double-majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I'm very interested in quantum error correction, especially QLDPC codes. This term, I'll be helping organize QC@B's Quantum Undergraduate Opportunities in Research Program. In the past, I co-led the club's journal club. You can reach me at my LinkedIn or my email!
Samyak Surti
VP of Research
Math & Computer Science
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I'm Nathan, a Physics / Math major graduating in 2025. I'm interested in quantum information, particularly algorithmic improvements and experimental AMO. I also like to play the clarinet and read books, so if you have any recommendations please send them my way!
Nathan Song
VP of External
Physics & Math
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Hey, Elias here. I'm a former Co-President of QCB and researcher at the Institue for Quantum Computing. I currently research superconducting qubits at LBNL's Advanced Quantum Testbed and manage this website. I love talking science, philosophy, music, and cuisine. Ping me for coffee this Fall via LinkedIn or email.
Elias Lehman
Community Lead
Physics & EECS (minor)
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I'm Sidharth. I'm a fairly simple person. I'm a physics major, policy minor, and I like quantum computing - hardware focused stuff. I also play the bass and piano, it's fun. And I like to build stuff with my hands, though I discovered this pretty recently.
Sidharth Duthaluru
Physics & Policy (minor)


QCB graduates continue their journey at a variety of the world's most influential PhD programs, labs, and tech companies.

  • James Chen - Meta, Jane Street
  • James Sud - Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, NASA Quantum AI Lab
  • Jordan Sullivan - PsiQuantum, AWS Bracket
  • Glenn Leblanc - NASA, Nauto
  • Amol Pant - Keysight, Tesla
  • Vladimir Kremenetski - NASA
  • Dhruv Devulapalli - AWS, PhD at The University of Maryland
  • Daniel Lengyel - PhD at Imperial College London
  • Debayan Bandyopadhyay - PhD at The University of Chicago
  • Ethan Yeh - Samsara
  • Natalie Parham - MMath at Institute for Quantum Computing, PhD at Columbia University
  • Sahil Patel - Jump Trading LLC
  • Victor Li - Nova Labs
  • Emiliia Dyrenkova - MMath at Institute for Quantum Computing
  • Binhan Hua - PhD at Hardvard
  • Riley Peterlinz - Graduate Research at BAIR
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